Sunday, March 11, 2012

Going to Church Today Needs to Be Your Priority

With today being daylight savings time, there is a temptation for many to make up for that hour of sleep that is lost and skip church.  Before going to worship this morning, I want to offer a few reasons why going to church always needs to be the priority for Christians. 

1. It is the time once a week where you are surrounded by Christians.  Assuming that the people in your church are joyful loving Christians and not cranky joyless ones, you should look forward to seeing them and their encouragement. Most of your week is probably spent among non-believers at work and that can be discouraging.  Corporate worship is a time of joy and encouragement with other believers.

2. It is the time where you can have an hour of undivided attention on the Lord.  Maybe this is a bit optimistic, many have young kids who hardly help with this or many have a mind like mine that has trouble focusing at times.  But the Sunday worship context provides the time to meet with the Lord, sing to Him, pray to Him and hear from Him.

3. It is the time once a week where you can hear an extended Word from the Lord. Assuming your preacher preaches the Bible, God is speaking to you for 45minutes through His Word.  This is a unique time to soak up and be exhorted, rebuked or encouraged.  You won't get this by sleeping in!

4. Your pastor(s) have been praying for you. Hopefully this is true.  I pray for my people that they will encounter the Lord and be transformed by Him and love Him more.  There is an expectancy that should come on Sunday, and this is tied to prayer.  So with that, I must go and pray for my people this Lord's Day! 


  1. Hey Ryan,

    Just came across your blog. Good stuff here. Thanks for sharing. We met at the Men's conference in Le Mars. Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime in April.

    1. Clint,
      Thanks for looking me up. Yeah, I would love to get together in April. If you are coming into Sioux County sometime let me know, or I can meet you at a half-way point.