Thursday, April 9, 2015


Some poetic reflection on my priorities right now in life. 

I find these days no time for blogs, 
Yet I’ve not sunk into a miry bog. 

It seems that time just passes by, 
Like words on a screen slip past the eye.

Most things written are easy to forget, 
Even if they seem somewhat legit.  

There are five people to care for at home, 
Created for relationship, longing to be known. 

And the church I pastor here in town, 
Made up of those who will inherit a crown. 

These deserve my best each day, 
As time on this earth is fading away. 

See, blogging has never been an identity for me, 
A child of God I’m content to be.

I’m confident I’ll have little regret, 
Knowing how my life was spent. 

When the time comes for me to retire, 
I hope I was able to inspire. 

Not because of words published on the web, 
But real souls I’ve led and fed. 

Prayer and Word sums up my main task, 
Which means for now, blogging comes in last.