Monday, February 27, 2012

What I need most

It has been a privilege to pray with other pastors in the community on Monday morning.  Several of us gather together at our local coffee shop, DeKoffiehoek, and pray for about 30 minutes.  It usually consists of general prayers for strength and joy in the ministry and blessings on the local churches.  One reason I go is because I enjoy the fellowship of other pastors. 
The main reason I hope I go is because of how much these leaders need prayer.  I hope that the people in their churches pray regularly for them.  I hope that people pray regularly for me as well.  Thom Rainer has recently written about some of the priorities that people should pray for when praying for or with their leaders.  I found it very helpful:

“Allow me to share with you where I most need prayer as a leader. The list is not exhaustive, but it does highlight my need to be totally dependent on Him.
·         I pray first for wisdom, God’s wisdom.
·         I pray that I will always do what is right, not what is easiest and most expedient. I pray, in that regard, that my motives as a leader will always be pure.
·         I pray that I will be a leader in my family first. If I am not leading my family well, I cannot expect to lead well in any other facets of my life.
·         I pray that I will deal with criticisms well and in a godly manner. I pray that I will learn and change as a result of some criticisms, that I will discard those that have no merit, and that my leadership will not be paralyzed by any of them.
·         I pray that I will always be honest and transparent.
·         I pray that I will be accountable as a leader, that I will accept godly course corrections, and that I will always see accountability as a blessing and not a burden.”

If someone were to come up and ask what I needed most as a pastor, I would reply that a golf membership would be really nice, but prayer is much more necessary.  Just pray for me, it is what I need most. 

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