Thursday, August 25, 2011

A dad's prayer for his son's first day at school

This morning my oldest son Elijah begins a new chapter in life, which will consume much of his energy for the years to come: going to school.  I remember back to my days as a child and my mentality toward school.  I was not very fond of school and my main goal was to have each day end as quickly as possible.
As a parent now, and as one who has spent twenty-five years of my life in school, I approach this from a different perspective.  In addition to that, as a Christian, I believe that as image-bearers of God, education plays a vital role in the formation of my child.  So I am happy to send him off to his first day of school.  But I do so with a heavy heart knowing that starting school can also be a difficult transition, the cause of much anxiety and the temptation to follow evil instead of obey God.  With that I offer my prayer for him:

Lord, I thank you for giving me my son and the privilege I have of raising him.  As he embarks on this new task today, I pray that Your grace would be with him.  May his education always be used for Your glory and never as an end in itself.  Please keep my son from anxiety, keep him from fearing man; instead it is my prayer that he would always fear You and desire to obey You.  So please keep him from evil and temptation.  I pray that he would bow before Christ as Lord at an early age and be a light for the gospel in the public school system.  I entrust my son to you Father and pray that Your will be done in his life.
In Jesus Name, Amen.    

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